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  1. Lynn says:

    I apologize for not visiting here to say “hello”. I have been busy caring for an elderly family member but that is no excuse. We all have “life” happen but that is life and we need to move forward toward our goals and dreams anyway. I am back on track and what I realize is that too often we get into wasting time by putting ourselves down when we don’t do something instead of taking that energy and putting it toward the positive and moving forward.

    What did I learn in the process of what I just went through or what I am going through right now? How can I use this learning to be a better person and to move toward my goals? These are the questions to be answered and then pat yourself on the back for moving forward and just learning to “roll with life” and enjoy the learning and the journey. Have a great day – Make it a great day – it’s a gift! – Lynn

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